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A series inspired by real events


by Stéphane Coens

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Real facts :

« During the Second World War, the Comet Line,

a resistance network made up of young Belgians,

made it possible to exfiltrate several hundred Allied airmen

whose planes had been shot down in occupied territory »


« Mainly made up of women, this network conveyed these soldiers,

often English or American, in small groups, from Brussels to Gibraltar, crossing, at the risk of their lives, the borders and occupied France.»

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August 1941, Bilbao in Spain.

The  exfiltration “Comet line” is officially created and recognized by England.

Marie, a young Belgian woman of 19, has just escorted an English aviator from Brussels through occupied France, risking her life, chased by the Gestapo.

Thanks to her heroic attitude, hundreds of Allied airmen will now be able to be exfiltrated and rescued until the end of the war.


And yet, a year earlier, nothing predestined this young girl from a good family, mischievous and deeply pacifist, to become the pioneer of one of the most important resistance networks that Belgium has known.


How can an ordinary person become extraordinary ?


How Marie, who dreamed only of peace and a united family, according to circumstances and encounters, made the choice to abandon her family to enter in the History and participate in the final victory of the allies.


In an invaded Belgium and France, bathed in a climate of terror, at a time of choice, everyone can switch to the best ... or to the worst.

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May 11, 1940, Marie celebrates her 18th birthday in the rich suburbs of Brussels,
the day Germany invades Belgium...

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